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Building a Company
Building a Company

Developed at cm&b’s inception and practiced every day since, our company philosophy is a reflection of where we have been while defining where we are headed. A key factor in cm&b’s success has been and will continue to be our commitment to stay the course and maintain these original values and goals. This premise may have been drafted more than twenty years ago but every word still holds true at cm&b today:

The cm&b team is committed to delivering our clients the highest levels of quality and value available to the marketplace for pre-construction, construction management and general construction services.

Our foundation for success is the teamwork we exemplify on every project we undertake. Our belief in the free enterprise system encourages sedulous effort and commitment from our employees, focused on developing clients for life. cm&b’s corporate philosophy generates synergy fueled by our primary goal to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. cm&b will only venture into business opportunities where the client’s needs and our capabilities are paramount to the success of each project.

As we advance in the 21st Century, where service and integrity continue to be the benchmarks for success, cm&b will continue to offer world- class service at competitive prices delivering unprecedented value.

Building a Company