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Building a Culture

A Message from Kevin Puopolo, CEO

Successful construction companies are market driven entities with the ability to establish best practices thereby distinguishing themselves from the competition. They are able to promote their unique capabilities and create an identity that will attract a potential client, encourage a promising business associate and appeal to the best talent. Many companies alter their philosophy and market approach chasing trends and trying to capitalize on other companies’ successes. At cm&b we identify potential markets as well as technological advancements that can enhance cm&b's capabilities. In doing so we recognize when and how it is necessary to adjust and implement strategic initiatives in response to an ever changing business climate. What differentiates cm&b from others is our philosophy and the high ethical standards that have defined the company since its founding nearly two decades ago. These trademarks are now second nature and are a company wide expectation. cm&b’s philosophy and culture are critical success factors providing the guidelines by which our business operates.

So, what is the culture of cm&b? It is a culture that permeates all cm&b relationships-client, architect, subcontractor and employee alike. It is a culture dedicated to developing these affiliations and acknowledging that such a practice is what makes a good company great. The creation and nurturing of these relationships is the cornerstone of cm&b’s corporate philosophy and a major reason for our success. cm&b cares about relationships, people and their futures.

The true measurement of cm&b’s growth and success is much more than meeting a revenue goal; it is the culmination and manifestation of individual growth and life lesson’s learned by every member of the cm&b team. cm&b will strive to do what is best for the company, but more importantly, what is best for the individual, be that person an employee or business partner. 

I look forward to watching our employees and business partners strive to achieve their professional and personal goals. I look forward to sharing in the relationships cm&b has created. And finally, I look forward to what we will achieve tomorrow. The sky can be the limit but the one true indication of success in the future is what has happened in the past.

Building a Culture