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Building Results

As an industry leading construction firm our business is building. cm&b takes great pride in the extensive portfolio we have built over the years fueled by the number of projects we have performed for our many repeat clients.  Our diversified project history is a true indication of our capabilities and a major reason for our solid reputation.  Our product speaks for itself, however, the success cm&b has achieved should not be measured solely by the number of projects we have completed.  Since the start, cm&b has been strategically Building Results by:

  • Building a Company from the ground up through managed, controlled growth, thanks in part to our desire to service and exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Building a Culture that fosters a collaborative and effective team approach;
  • Building Futures by supporting an atmosphere that encourages participation and individual growth;
  • Building Relationships that have endured the test of time with our clients, subcontractors and employees. 

The cm&b difference is one that builds results by developing confidence and commitment. Confidence is built by recognizing, valuing and rewarding individual strengths and achievements; commitment is built through the enduring relationships we enjoy with our business partners and employees alike.  Our reputation and success are based upon these tenets, defining cm&b as a company that values people, their futures and the power of lasting relationships. 

  Building a Company
                   Building a Culture
                                      Building Futures
                                                      Building Relationships