People. Building.


The core values and principles that CM&B was built on remain the cornerstone of our success today. We are committed to a collaborative process that unites CM&B team members with clients, design professionals and subcontractors. It is our belief that organizational success is dependent on the success of individuals. It’s all about our people and the relationships we have built over the years. CM&B is, and always will be, People.Building.

Kevin Puopolo, Founder & CEO
Sean Fahy, President
Tim Puopolo, Executive Vice President

As I reflect on the past 25 years, it has become evident why the word “team” was chosen to be our internet identity. Before we ever put a shovel in the ground, CM&B’s fate was sealed and our identity set. CM&B was founded upon a set of core values and a culture that have secured our place as one of the country’s premier construction management firms. Our formula was and still is a simple one: assemble a team of dedicated individuals, each with their own unique talents and strengths; provide an opportunity and a path for professional and personal growth; and recognize individual achievements while celebrating the team’s accomplishments. This is the fundamental characteristic that sets CM&B apart — CM&B believes in our people, and just as importantly, our people believe in CM&B. People.Building.

Advancements in technology have provided our industry with powerful new tools to support the construction management process. CM&B has made a significant investment in this technology and capitalizes on its benefits, but we also recognize that it is the extremely talented group of professionals who utilize this technology that has distinguished CM&B from all others.

Construction management firms, diversified by approach and culture, present CM&B with competition for market share and key talent. The CM&B team welcomes the opportunity to present our capabilities alongside any of our competitors. While others recruit outside talent to build their organizations and senior management teams, CM&B is founded on the principle that our team will be built organically. CM&B boasts 500 collective years of teamwork and experience amongst 20 of our top executives. The proven result is that People.Building. creates a team with values and capabilities that grow substantially stronger every day. With more than 1,000 projects completed, 75% from repeat clients, CM&B has invested in strengthening our core by training and building our people to be future leaders and the industry’s finest professionals.

People.Building. has been CM&B’s formula for success since our founding in 1992, and it will continue to be the foundation for our success as we prepare to lead the company over our next 25 years. This philosophy is not just a tagline — it is, and always has been, the CM&B way.

Kevin Puopolo
Founder & CEO

Letter from
the CEO,

Kevin Puopolo

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CM&B has a dedicated health and safety program we implement on every project we undertake.  The people we build with are our greatest asset; providing a safe work environment is our number one priority.




From partnering with local charities and nonprofits, CM&B is an active participant in improving the places we build. We believe in supporting employees who work tirelessly to pursue their own charitable commitments.

CM&B is also proud to be a LEED-certified builder and is committed to strict safety and environmental standards on all our job sites. “Community first” is a cultural commitment to do good and to do the right thing wherever we build.

From the original team members who have been with us from the start to the indispensable employees who have joined CM&B along the way, our foundation for success lies in the quality of out team and the industry experience they help us bring to every project we build. We are  People. Building.