From the original team members who have been with us from the start to the indispensable employees who have joined CM&B along the way, our foundation for success lies in the quality of our team and the industry experience they help us bring to every project we build. We are People.Building.

Our team and its unique ability to exceed expectations has allowed CM&B to attract clients that produce lasting relationships.

Management Team

Kevin Puopolo

Chief Executive Officer

Sean Fahy


Robert Harrison

Senior Vice President /
Project Executive 

Jeffrey Anderson

Senior Vice President /
Project Executive

Tim Puopolo

Executive Vice President

Len Cubellis, AIA

Executive Vice President /
 Account Executive

Joseph Venie

Senior Vice President /
Project Executive

Darlene Mack

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Hunter, AIA

Chief Strategy Officer

David Sullivan

Chief Operations Officer /
 General Counsel

Stephen Krauss

Senior Vice President /

Tom Tassinari

Executive Vice President / Corporate Operations

Jeremy Pollender

Senior Vice President /
Account Executive

Stephen Malenchini, P.E.

Senior Vice President / Division Manager

Kate Sullivan

Vice President /
Human Resources

John Tassinari

Vice President /
Project Executive

Leah Blackman

Senior Vice President /
Division Manager – New York

Tyler Virden

Vice President / 
Project Executive

Pat Hasselschwert

Vice President / 

Nicole Mitsakis

Vice President / 

James Thomson

Vice President / Estimating & Pre-Construction Services

Megan Burridge

Vice President / Corporate

Linda Duryea

Chief People.Building Officer

Rob McCarter

Vice President / 
Project Manager

Since 1992, CM&B’s formula for success has been People.Building. We’re always looking for dedicated team members to help us continue our success and growth in New England and the Tri-State regions. If you’re interested in joining a team that is focused on People.Building. and collaboration, check out our current openings.

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CM&B takes great pride in the relationships we have built with our business partners and appreciates their vision, hard work and dedication. It is through these lasting client relationships and our consistent confidence in subcontractor performance that our business strengthens.  Business Partners is not just a name, it’s  the way we view those we work for and with so that together we set common goals, work as a team and build results.

Congratulations to Corey Jackson on being named Employee of the Quarter. 

Corey has been on site overseeing the Holmesview Commons project located in Farmingville, NY (Long Island) since February 2022. A resident of Boston’s North Shore, Corey accepted this position that requires he be away from his home and family for the duration of the $10 million site development and ground up construction of a landlord shell for a new Mendel Grocery store.  In addition, Corey has successfully represented CM&B in a professional and positive manner with a new client while working with a new group of subcontractors in a new region.

“CM&B appreciates the impact a relocation assignment has on an employee and their family and thanks Corey for his unselfishness and commitment in accepting this challenge,” said Sean Fahy. “The logistics of the project aside, Corey was able to perform well with all new subs and gain the confidence of a first-time client paving the way for future project opportunities for our Tri-state efforts.  He is well deserving of being selected as our Employee of the Quarter.”

Employee of the Quarter

Corey Jackson
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