Women In Construction Week – 2020

How long have you been with CM&B?

7 years

Did you always know you wanted to work in the construction industry? Or did it happen by accident?

I joined the construction industry by chance. I needed a change
from my previous role in the corporate IT world, so I jumped at this opportunity with CM&B. At the time, I had no idea what a big change it would be.

What is your favorite CM&B project and why?

Mercado Little Spain at Hudson Yards in NYC.
I spent a semester in Spain in college, so it was awesome to see
CM&B help bring a taste of Spain to the states. Visiting Mercado
after it opened was like taking a walk down memory lane!

What is the most challenging part of your role and
what is the most rewarding?

The most challenging part of my role is that the construction industry is always changing. No two projects are the same, and financial requirements vary from job to job and client to client. This is also one of the most rewarding parts, as it challenges me to keep learning and growing. It also allows me to meet and work with new people and new companies all the time. There’s never a dull moment!

What tool can you not live without in your role?

My calculator! (Let the nerd jokes start rolling…)

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