Whole Foods Market Corporate Office

Marlborough, MA

People. Building. doesn’t just happen on construction sites. CM&B understands that our people are literally building our client’s businesses every day. We believe that to create effective commerce in today’s workplace, an office environment needs to be comfortable and productive. Our team continually collaborates with our clients to find creative workplace solutions while tracking new and innovative office trends. Whether it’s building co-working spaces, corporate headquarters, technology-focused settings or more traditional office spaces, we have the experience to keep a close eye on your budget, occupancy and growth requirements. 

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Project List

  • Marlborough, MA ,

Boston Scientific

  • New York, NY ,

Shake Shack Corporate Offices – New York

  • Boston, MA ,

McKinsey & Company

  • Boston, MA ,


  • Marlborough, MA ,

Whole Foods Market North Atlantic Regional Office

  • Waltham, MA ,

The Gauge

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Office Trends

Open Collaborative Spaces

The traditional format of work spaces are shifting to places were teams can congregate and collaborate with comfortable seating, interactive technology and screen sharing capabilities. Although it’s not a new phenomenon to have collaborative spaces within the office design, the look and feel has dramatically changed from stiff boardroom and clunky cubicles to unconventional work areas and open collaborative spaces. As this evolving landscape of the workplace continues to flourish, it sets up a dynamic opportunity for employers, architects and construction managers to collaborate.